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Haute Vegetable Chef

Vogue has defined her as a "fashionable chef”; Dafne Cheng is a real pioneer of the plant based haute cuisine. Her mission is to attentively combine veggies, to create aesthetical and high-level dishes and offer a unique sexy and inimitable experience.

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Exterior Creative Director Range Rover

Rising star for the Automotive sector and one of the most affectionate customers of Opificio V Massimo Frascella, is an italian established designer for the Automotive and the exterior Creative Director of Range Rover. During some interviews he has often declared that the process to replace fossil fuels has already started an irreversible path.


Nemanti chose him as a testimonial for his focus on searching new ways for respect our Planet and Animals.

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Global Campaign Director of Oscars project Red Carpet Green Dress

Global Campaign Director for Suzy Amy Cameron's (nrd James Cameron wife) Red Carpet Green Dress campaign (showcasing ethical fashion at the Oscars red carpet), author and journalist for or Guardian, Vogue and Huffington Post covering sustainable fashion, and award-winning womenswear designer.

Samata has become synonymous with great success already, whilst also inspiring others to work in the fashion industry in a sustainable way.

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