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Daphne Cheng

Haute Vegetable Chef

With a new style of vegan cuisine, she combines vegetables and other plant-based ingredients for unique, luxurious vegan masterpieces that look great and taste even better. More top design culinary artist than cook, she makes food sexy and fun, purposely defying her father’s advice, “Don’t play with your food.”


After conquering the hearts and palates of New Yorkers with her haute vegan cuisine, Daphne is moving to China to jumpstart the plant-based revolution there, with a first vegan restaurant scheduled to open in Shanghai later this year.


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Your favorite Nemanti piece and how do you wear it? find your décolletés really comfortable and sophisticated. I wear them often, whether I’m dressed elegantly or just hanging out in my jeans.
Happy When: Cooking or enjoying a meal with my closest friends.
The best gift ever: A necklace from a very dear friend.
The project you are proud of: Everything I am working on right now :)
In the suitcase: Sneakers. 
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite city to live: Really can’t say…
Two “special” spots in the world: Hong Kong, Hawaii
Never:  ...say never
Always: Practice seeing the positive side of a negative occurence
A tip to help animals: eat your veggies :)
A tip to help the planet: use a reusable mug
A tip to help people: Everyone’s looking for happiness and love, and going through some hardship at some time. A little bit of empathy goes a long way.


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