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Haute Vegetable Chef

Vogue has defined her as a "fashionable chef”; Dafne Cheng is a real pioneer of the plant based haute cuisine. Her mission is to attentively combine veggies, to create aesthetical and high-level dishes and offer a unique sexy and inimitable experience.

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Your favorite Nemanti piece and how do you wear it? 
Happy When: I'm cooking or eating with friends
The best gift ever: a necklace from a dear friend
The project you are proud of: everything I am working on right now :)
In the suitcase: sneakers. 
Favorite food: chocolate
Favorite city to live: can't pick
Two “special” spots in the world: Hong Kong, Hawaii
Never:  say never
Always: Practice seeing the positive side of a negative occurence
A tip to help animals: eat your veggies :)
A tip to help the planet: use a reusable mug
A tip to help people: everyone is searching for happiness and love and going through some hardship at some time. a little bit of empathy goes a long way


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