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Massimo Frascella

Range Rover's Creative Director of Exteriors

Rising star for the Automotive sector and one of the most affectionate customers of Opificio V Massimo Frascella, is an italian established designer for the Automotive and the exterior Creative Director of Range Rover. During some interviews he has often declared that the process to replace fossil fuels has already started an irreversible path.


Nemanti chose him as a testimonial for his focus on searching new ways for respect our Planet and Animals.

"It’s a gut feeling, it’s an instinct, a vision, it’s something that clicks suddenly. Hold tight to it and you will succeed."

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Your favorite Nemanti piece and how do you wear it? The monkstrap Onno in black or brown, with a “spezzato” suit, classic with a modern edge
Happy When: When I see the world, when I see the sun or when I watch Juventus on the couch with my little doggie Luna.
The best gift ever: A surprise party in California for my 40th birthday!
The project you are proud of: It will come out soon…
Favorite food: Paccheri with tomato basil sauce
Favorite city to live: Newport Beach, California
Two “special” spots in the world: Egypt and Bora Bora
Never:  Overcomplicate
Always:  Love animals
A tip to help animals: Make people aware, give voice to those who can’t speak
A tip to help the planet: Protect animals
A tip to help people: lots of small changes make a big one
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