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Global Campaign Director of Oscars project Red Carpet Green Dress

Global Campaign Director for Suzy Amy Cameron's (nrd James Cameron wife) Red Carpet Green Dress campaign (showcasing ethical fashion at the Oscars red carpet), author and journalist for or Guardian, Vogue and Huffington Post covering sustainable fashion, and award-winning womenswear designer.

Samata has become synonymous with great success already, whilst also inspiring others to work in the fashion industry in a sustainable way.

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Favourite piece and how do you wear it? Blue oxfords with jeans and an oversized jumper or dressed up with a fitted jumpsuit or skirt. They are so flexible and versatile - I love them!
Happy When: I'm working on exciting projects or laughing with my friends and family
The best gift ever: Plants, recently a Jasmine and Lemon tree - they can grown with you and follow you throughout your life!
The project you are proud of : Red Carpet Green Dress - it has grown so much since I came on board in 2011
In the suitcase: A decent fiction book and my diary - love Samantha Shannon right now
Favorite food: Jollof rice, salad and plantain with supermalt
Favorite city to live: Los Angeles
Two “special” spots in the world: Santa Monica and Monemvasia
Never:  Underestimate people or let anyone silence you
Always: Trust your instincts and the silent voice inside
A tip to help animals: Don't eat them! If you find that too hard, at least try meatless Mondays...
A tip to help the planet: Recycle, recycle, recycle - clothes, jewellery, waste, everything!
A tip to help people: be honest and vulnerable every so often, it helps people realise they are not alone in their pains